St Lucia

A romantic island of green mountains, tropical forests and adventure

St Lucia is one of the most beautiful of the Windward Islands in the lesser Antilles, between Martinique and St Vincent. Just saying the names conjures pictures of palms, white beaches, topaz seas…. St Lucia changed hands between the French and British fourteen times during the 18th and 19th Centuries and it isn’t hard to see why both nations coveted it so much.

This paradise island boasts a true essence of romance, stretch out in the shade of a tropical palm, with an ice cold cocktail in your hand and your toes covered by fine white sand…or if your idea of perfect bliss is to close your eyes against the warmth of the sun and spend the afternoon listening to gentle waves holding a never-ending conversation with the whispering breeze…you should come to St Lucia.

But first, you should talk to Dave Batley, one of our expert St Lucia consultants. Dave can tailor your holiday to match your wishes perfectly.

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