Maldives holidays & honeymoons

The Maldives are a trailing necklace of twenty-six coral atolls in the Laccadive Sea, 300 miles away from any major body of land. This remote strand of islands immediately conjures images of great palms, waters an unfathomable shade of cobalt, and thatched-roof overwater bungalows that ooze of romance and luxury.

Luxury travel in the Maldives is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a beach holiday a few days at the beach to cap off another adventure. It will be hard to find a better honeymoon destination than these islands; with year-round sunshine and clear skies, your only worry will be your tan lines.

But although Maldives holidays take the idea of “island paradise” to a whole new level, there are other big reasons to visit. The snorkeling and scuba diving, for one. Divers have the opportunity to come face to face with whale sharks, manta rays, hammerheads and green turtles in this underwater playground during their private luxury holiday in the Maldives.

Of course where you stay plays a huge role in your Maldives holiday We can’t stress enough how important the right locale will be in your experience. At some properties you can luxuriate with a spa treatment and watch the fish swim by; some properties are quaint and cozy, others grand and sophisticated. There are many exquisite resorts to choose from when arranging luxury travel in the Maldives and Savvi Travel’s team of experts can tell you the differences between them and help you handpick the best place to rest your head. Complete your days of luxury travel in the Maldives with a spa retreat — enjoy massages, saunas, and other treatments on islands that beg you to unwind.

With private luxury travel to the Maldives, tours are enchanted with white sand beaches, breathtaking accommodations, succulently fresh seafood creations, and water so clear, boats seem to float by on liquid glass. Savvi Travel’s Maldives private luxury holidays stay with you forever — so make your daydream a reality and talk to a travel specialist to get started on your own fantastic escape today.

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