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You will love or hate cruising, it is the Marmite of the travel world, loved by most who have tried it, dismissed by many who haven’t.what makes a cruise holiday so popular? A different location every day, All inclusive on many boats, great family entertainment,

River cruising is getting more popular with great itineraries, one of the best way to reach many off-the-beaten track destinations with lots of choice to suit all tastes & budgets.

You may travel through several countries, visit idyllic villages and fascinating towns and cities, and all the while, every detail is taken care of, from formalities of border crossings to sumptuous meals and information on what to see and do in the next port of call.

local guides provide insider insights into local culture, architecture, history and traditions and to help you make the most of it all, guest speakers will provide entertaining and informative talks as you sail along.

You are also free to explore at your own pace as well as having meticulously organised excursions to make the most of the fascinating places you have come to see.

Ocean Cruise

Seventy percent of the earth is covered by water, so to truly see the world, it must be done by sea. Travelling by ship and seeing a new destination every day by water gives one an appreciation for the vastness of the globe. Fast-paced, modern air travel strips us of the tranquillity of sailing on the open sea.

Whether you are taking a cruise for the very first time or are a seasoned veteran, Savvi Travel has the resources you need to plan the perfect cruise holiday. From 2-3 night taster cruises to around the world cruises, or try a fly & Cruise holiday, a transatlantic cruise with a hotel stay pre or post depature, even a Caribbean cruise added onto a stay in Miami. what ever sort of cruise you want, cruise line, we have it all.

River Cruise

River cruising is growing in demand, we have increased our portfolio of cruise companies who offer cruises all over the world. Exploring by river vessel is, to our minds, one of the most comfortable means possible and allows what could be otherwise tiring and demanding itineraries to be accomplished with ease.

All you have to do is unpack once and let your hotel glide along waterways which, by their very geography, have been the centre of history and in many cases have influenced the development of the region through which they flow.

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