For holiday makers with the heart of an explorer, looking for the best African safari destinations, Savvi Travel and partners have a very special holiday experience to offer you. Say ‘safari’ and the first thing to spring to mind is more often than not the Masai Mara, the prize jewel in Kenya’s dazzling crown. At the heart of East Africa, straddling the equator, is a land of wildlife documentary heaven and a sunbather’s paradise! The country plays host to the largest animal movement in the world during the annual migration into the Masai Mara, which is home to the ‘big five’ – elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino and leopard and has a heritage and culture which fascinates all those who visit.

Best time to go

There are a couple of times a year to go to visit Kenya, either in the dry seasons or for the famed annual migration of wildebeest and zebra! The dry seasons are between January and March and later on from July to October – which coincides with the phenomenal when millions of wildebeest, zebra and antelope storm their way through Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti resulting in one of the most impressive wildlife spectacles in the world.

The dry season, is the best time for wild life spotting. Vegetation is sparser, making distance viewing a lot easier! Plus the animals tend to gather around waterholes as well as rivers and lakes – so finding them is sometimes a lot easier. This is also a good time to head to Kenya’s famous beach resort of Mombasa as well as the prime time to climb Mount Kenya.

Kenya has two rainy seasons. Late April to early June sees the arrival of the ‘long rains’ whereas November to December is when the ‘short rains’ appear. Although not the best time to visit Kenya for wildlife spotting or to try the challenge of Mount Kenya – it is a time when the country is looking stunning with lush vegetation all around.

Kenya is a year-round destination, with good game viewing throughout the year, although arguably the best time to visit is during the migration which usually occurs between July to August. The warmest months in Kenya are from December to March.

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