Antigua an island boasting some of the Caribbean’s most idyllic beaches

You’ve been meaning to really treat yourself. In fact, you have been longing for a luxury Caribbean holiday for quite some time. Stop denying yourself of the very thing you need: the Antigua experience.

Antigua (meaning Ancient) was named by Christopher Columbus and is steeped in history and natural beauty. White sandy beaches drape miles of natural coastline and its historical English harbour was host to the 18th Century Horatio Nelson and British Navy which will give you a fascinating insight into the lives of England’s sea dogs. Completely restored it now stands as the only Georgian style dockyard in the world.

Antigua’s natural beauty and sunshine lay host to many enthralling and fascinating activities. Charter a yacht to relax and take in the magnificent shoreline, fish in the deep Caribbean ocean, venture beneath the crisp clear tropical waters to scuba dive shipwrecks or why not charter a helicopter and fly out to out the island of Montserrat to see its dramatic live volcano.

When you’re ready to eat you can dine out in one of the islands many rustic or fine dining restaurants, sampling the islands traditional and delightful fresh Caribbean cuisine.

Then retire to your private luxury accommodation to take in your oceans views and watch the sun setting across the tranquil temperate waters.
So,how ‘bout it? You’d be crazy to turn down this luxurious destination.

Talk to Dave Batley – one of our Antigua specialists- about taking a holiday on Antigua and he’ll tell you about finding your perfect beach – by sailing around the island in a catamaran or private yacht. he’ll talk to you about scuba diving off coral reefs and snorkelling with a myriad of multi-coloured fish.

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