European holidays

We love European holidays for the sheer breadth of choice they offer you. From a family-friendly beach holiday in Spain, to a romantic city break in Paris; Europe has so much to offer. With just a short flight, you can encounter exceptional cultural experiences, breathtaking scenery and pristine sandy beaches and great food.

Family friendly resorts; a host stunning and historic cities; diverse cultures and cuisines; incredible beaches; there are just so many amazing travel options, just Soaking up the sun on the Canaries, Balearics and ‘Costas’ of Spain. Play golf on the Algarve in Portugal or find a boutique island gem in Greece.

For arts, history and culture Europe is arguably the richest continent on earth. Iconic cities like Paris and Venice have to be on the ‘must see’ list for any discerning traveller, not mention Florence, Barcelona and Istanbul!

Best of all, this is all on your doorstep! You could spend a lifetime exploring Europe and still have so much to see!

Why not call and speak to one of our travel experts to recommend an itinerary – an escorted tour in Europe. A Villa holiday for the whole family or maybe a Mediterranean Cruise – and we can show you a Europe our way, Looking at the map, you may not be able to decide where Europe finishes. But it begins right here.

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