Val Dawkins

 Val   Val Dawkins | Assistant Manager

Val fell in love with travelling from a young age,  So decided to combine her love for visiting and experiencing new destinations with her need to work.  She has never looked back in her own words “it almost doesn’t even feel like work” She has visited many places  including America, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Morocco, Jordan, Italy, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Spain ..the list goes on.   When asked about her favourite place that she has visited she struggles, but Canada and Australia are the ones that once she starts talking about its hard to get her to stop….  Val next destinations that she wishes to visit is South Africa, Borneo and China.

Val’s travel tip

Try to learn some basic language before you travel even if it is just Thank You, Good Morning, or probably more apt for Val is ” Can I have a glass of Red Wine. ”   Another huge thing is try local dishes we haven’t gone all that way to eat Sausage and mash !!!!But the most important thing is enjoy yourself immerse yourself in the adventure and take pictures lots and lots of pictures.